TWINS is a modern retelling of colors, materials and shapes, of the classic cameo – used by our grandmothers in the past century – that today is rediscovered, such as old values and traditions, modernized in the choice and research of the material used, and made more fashion, funnier and more functional to be matched with different outfits casual or elegant.

TWINS is a new concept of jewelry accessory that blended the creativity of design to the highest tradition of the Italian fashion, famous all over the world for its high quality standards well known globally in the exclusive craftsmanship and in the excellence.

Totally handmade by Italian craftsmen, TWINS is decorated with precious materials and embellished with Swarovski in the fashion accessory version and with natural or precious stones in the jewelry version, strictly hand mounted. Every TWINS is a mix of design, innovation and tradition and is sold always together with a 100% silk foulard, available in different nuances finely printed with different themes and exclusive embroidery, made by silk masters of Como working in  the best silk factories of the Industrial District of Como, that represent one of the many excellences of the Made in Italy in the world, completed by a proper “crochet” that helps the wearability.

TWINS is a fashion accessory with endless possibilities of matching to offer to the consumer the possibility to give a personal imprinting to the outfit.

The TWINS uniqueness is given, beyond the “patent” of property, from the ability of the craftsman called to decorate by hand every single piece, and from its limited edition with a series number and a patent of property that will make TWINS even more exclusive.

TWINS, versatile accessory to be worn everywhere, helps the wearability of the foulard by making it more comfortable and eclectic.

It can be used as a foulard link matched with a foulard tied on the neck, as a tie, turban or bandana fasten on the base of the neck in American style, knotted with a bow on the end of the nape such as a circlet or with a glam bow to give a new twist to every look. And again with a rack around the head to feel beautiful and charming actresses of the 50’s in the original Riviera Style.

Perfect to be worn by women, but also by men in business or formal occasions, in windy days during a boat tour or a ride on a spider car, or just to feel always glam. TWINS is really the accessory that didn’t exist and that today can’t miss in the every fashion victim’s wardrobe!

Around the neck, inside or outside the shirt or on the head, closed or opened in its two components, formal or informal, the strength impact of the accessory doesn’t change. A must have that doesn’t know fashion and usage limits, if not those of its own taste and fantasy to feel free to dare!