Fashion, design, craftsmanship: these are the words that made Italy famous all over the world. A tradition that starts from far away and keeps on renovate thanks to the intelligence and the creativity of the Italian factories, that has done Made in Italy a famous and envied brand in all the continents, byword for quality, attention to details and charm.

From these premises Twins Italia, a company established in Milan by a group of entrepreneurs, was born: “The capital of Lombardy is a forge of ideas, stirrings and possibilities” –  states Marco Rossignoli, CEO of the company. “Milan, thanks to its international events, such as the Fashion Week and the Design Week, is the perfect place to be contaminated by different cultures, contributing to the creation of projects that, in other cities, would remain silenced.”


It’s thanks to these synergies that, after four years of development, Twins was born, the new fashion accessory dedicated to foulard lovers. The main focus of the project is the old cameo that grandmothers used to wear – a decorated pin used as foulard clip – that is re-interpreted in a modern way, in colors, materials and shapes. “Twins is a colorful jewel accessories”, says Rossignoli, “completely handmade by craftsmen from Lombardy and decorated with quality materials such as silver for the first collection, and embellished with naturals and precious stones in the jewelry version.”

The Twins uniqueness is given, beyond the “patent” of property, from the ability of the craftsman called to decorate by hand every single piece, and from its limited edition with a series number and a patent of property that will make Twins even more exclusive.

Every Twins is sold coordinated with a 100% silk foulard, made by the silk master of Como that represent one of many excellences of Made in Italy in the world.